making our home warm and welcome

We believe that the Church as Christ’s body is designed to be a visible manifestation of God on this earth.  The Church continues the work of Jesus through the transforming power of the Holy Spirit by ministering to those who are hurting and by calling people to godly living.

We want to follow the example of Jesus who showed great love and care for every person he met. He treated them the same regardless of their position in society or in the religious world of that day. Therefore, we want to always use this building as a base from which to love intact families and broken ones, the married and the single, those our culture honors and those it overlooks.

All are welcome here and all are a vital part of our story. This is a church that invites all to come and bring their stories with them. Here, we have a safe place right in the middle of downtown Franklin to share those stories and redeem them.

Together, we are committed to continuing our work in, around, and outside the walls of this facility in accordance with these beliefs. Beyond the Building we are creating an outpost of Heaven where Fourth Ave. members and nonmembers alike experience the open arms and grace-filled love of Jesus Christ.

To accomplish this, maintenance and renovations must be completed. Some of this work is to simply bring our facilities up to spec and code. That’s a fancy way of saying make these spaces safe for our church family and the families who use our facilities. Other aspects of the work are to create new, exciting spaces to foster a greater sense of connection with one another.

Yes, we will be raising money to see this work done. But the purpose is much larger than any dollar amount or renovation work could ever achieve alone.

Join us in reaching Beyond the Building.